Fort Raleigh National Historic Site App

Developed by the National Park Service, Fort Raleigh’s interactive app allows you to visit the park from anywhere in the world!

The app features videos and posts on the Carolina Algonquian Indians, the Lost Colony, the Battle of Roanoke Island, the Freedman’s Colony and Reginald Fessenden, the father of modern radio. Here’s what you’ll find in the app:

  • Explore and take virtual tours: An official National Park Service map allows you to see the full layout of the grounds and highlights important sites within the park.
  • Track your visit: If you decide to come walk around the park, the GPS tracker on the map lets you know where you are!
  • Send a postcard to friends and family: The postcard feature allows you to instantly send a National Park Service digital postcard to your loved ones.
  • Keep up with park happenings: the “Special Events and Programs” feature gives you up-to-date information on all things Fort Raleigh.

You can download the app for free via the Apple App Store and Google Play:

The app is accessible to all users with audio-described sites, alternative text images and compatibility with iOS accessibility features.

Fort Raleigh National Historic Site Online Video Series

Josh Nelson, Lead Interpretive Ranger at Fort Raleigh, has created a video series on Roanoke Island’s varied and intriguing history and its importance to our nation.

The Lost Colony

Relive the story of the Lost Colony, the first attempted English settlement in the New World that mysteriously disappeared 430 years ago, leaving only “CRO” and “CROATOAN” carved into a tree and a post as possible clues to their fate.

One Day on Roanoke Island

Learn why John White, the founder of the Lost Colony and grandfather of Virginia Dare, only spent one day looking for his family and his colony after traveling across the ocean to return with supplies after being gone for three years.

The Underground Railroad on Roanoke Island

Did you know that Roanoke Island played an important role as a stop on the Underground Railroad? The Freedmen’s Colony—the first of its kind in the United States—was established by the Union Army and freed slaves on Roanoke Island in 1863. The colony was home to several thousand people who constructed schools, churches and houses and established businesses. The Freedmen’s Colony was disbanded after the Civil War, but some families stayed and established permanent homes: many of their descendants live on the island today.