THANK YOU to the following individuals, families & businesses for generously supporting our 

Pathways To Your National Parks project! 


The Bray Family

The Anderegg Family Foundation

Colleen Minard, In Memory of Paul and Mary Ann Johnson

Jim & Sue Bacon

Dane and Karen Blythe

Ms. Bobbi Brammer, In Memory of Steven Brammer

Patricia and Malcolm Brown

Lori Cochran and Kimberly Robertson

Yates Dew

George Doumar

Susan and Paul Flythe

Frisco Woods Campground

Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy

Matt and Lauren Imboden, In Memory of Rev. Thomas M. BeMiller

Daniel and Jennifer Johnson

Chris Johnson

Peter Martins

NC 12 Realty

Tracy and Dave Reaves-Allen, In Memory of Gary Bishop, and Pam & Skip Reaves 

Ocean Atlantic Rentals

Robert Poitras

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sharp, In Memory of Ken Hall

Leslie Skowronek

James and Angela Tawes, In Memory of Ray Gray

Monica Thibodeau

Joe and Tami Thompson

Susan Vernon, In Memory of Victor Vernon III

William Weiss

Dennis and Julie Whalen

Marley Williams

Shannon Winakur, In Memory of Edward E. Willey, Jr.

James Foster

Dr. Paul and Amy Orser, In Memory of Dr. Donald J. Shure

Eddie Masterka, In Memory of Rebecca Boone

Kiefer and Molly Pirrung

Susan Schroeder and Gary McNaughton

Rick Setzer

Sarah and Charles Ayers

Barnes Lake Homes – Smith Mountain Lake

Sandie Blakney, In Memory of Sandi Jones Garrison

John Brandt

Tricia and Tim Driscoll, In Honor of the Thomas Family

Rev. Darby Everhard, In Honor of Thomas Everhard

Mark Goldberg

Jenifer Hamilton

Hatteras Tours

Kevin and Michelle Kissling

Cat and Charlie Lineberry

Louise Ravenel

Victoria Robinson

Jason Stanson

Elaine Wood

Don and David Archer

West Arete

Elizabeth Austin

Page Bagley and Jim Pierce

Tim Bambury

Stephanie Banfield, In Memory of Bailey Banfield

Tammy Barnes

Betsy Bass, In Memory of Harriet & Mike Hamm 

Cheryl Boeckman

Thomas Cafferty

Roberta and Richard Carew

James and Marie Carter

Jay Collins

Merle Costello

Karen Crawford, In Honor of Shannon Winakur

Don Criswell

Brenda Cummins

Lisa Davis

Lee Anne Friend

Kelly Garcia

Marjorie Gaskins

Jacki Gerber

David Goodwin

Christie Graf, In Honor of Willie Gibson and Anne Gibson 

Rachael Graf

Laurie Greer

Becca Haque, In Honor of J.E.B and Judi Stuart

Dwight Heaney

Nancy Herman, In Honor of Jeffrey Hale 

Ivy and Matt Ingram

Carol and Nev Jackson

Joseph and Lynn Jenkins

Barbara Jordan

Lisa Joyner

Natalie Kavanaugh

Chris Lazinski

Barbara Lennon, In Memory of Nancy S. Keister 

Doug MacMillan

Stephanie Madalena

Felecia and Jessica Matthews

Taylor McConnell

Jim and Nancy McIntosh

Natalie Mead

Jess Miller, In Memory of Ron Miller

Trent Miller

Kim Mosher and Kevin McCabe

Nancy and Kevin Murphy

Heather and Jenny Murphy

Stephen Nelson

Priscilla Oates, In Honor of Allen Lucas

Daniel Patzwaldt

Tripp Pignetti

Susie Ray

Michael Reddy-Miller

Leah Reusche

Greg Robitaille

Scott Romig

Brie Sansotta

Shaun Seufert

Megan Shelley

Grace Souter

Shauna Stoyanoff

Camie and Jeff Strong

Marie Sullivan

Marsha Treese

Peggy and Bruce Wackelin

Joan Watts, In Honor of Dave Hallac

Andrew and Barbara Werner

Martha Wilson, In Honor of David Johnson 

Bob Woodard

Robert Zampardi

Have questions about this project or our Outer Banks national parks?
Contact Jessica Barnes, Director of Outer Banks Forever, at or (252) 432-4545.