On December 1st, Outer Banks Forever joins nonprofits around the world in celebrating Giving Tuesday, an annual day of giving each holiday season. Read on to learn how this special day supports the communities we serve every day.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday started 8 years ago in New York City when the 92 Street Y joined hands with the United Nations Foundation to create a day of generosity to follow Thanksgiving and “Black Friday.”

Because of the overwhelming support it received, Giving Tuesday expanded to become a global day of giving that any nonprofit could participate in. According to Giving Tuesday’s 2019 Impact Report, millions of givers like you collectively contributed an estimated $1.97 billion dollars to charitable causes in just one day.

Community is at the heart of Giving Tuesday. This year, we have seen the power of people coming together to support causes that are close to their hearts and how giving back not only changes our lives, but our world.

Growing up on the Outer Banks I was lucky to experience our three national parks first hand. Whether it was a field trip to Fort Raleigh, the 100th anniversary of flight at the Wright Brothers Memorial or a beach day down on Cape Hatteras National Seashore, all three provide fond memories. I truly believe that these three parks are an integral part of the history, culture and heritage of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

~ Nick Graham (Founding Board Member)

How your giving impacts your OBX national parks

This year, we had the pleasure of announcing 7 new projects that will support your OBX national parks and the entire OBX community by educating youth, preserving history, advancing science and creating new park experiences for you and your family.

In addition to these exciting projects, your support has allowed us to help your parks pivot and create new virtual experiences for those of you who couldn’t visit these places you treasure.

 “The Outer Banks has always been one of our favorite destinations. We treasure the Outer Banks national parks for protecting and preserving this magical area and for continually teaching us new and innovative lessons about its history, conservation and wildlife.

We have especially enjoyed many of the virtual educational programs in the past year. We are passionate about exploring and enjoying the outdoors, from the beaches to the sounds. And we are privileged and proud to support Outer Banks Forever as we greatly appreciate their commitment to ensuring this special area is preserved now and into the future.”

~ Cat & Charlie Lineberry, Forever Founders

The Imboden Family: Why we support our OBX national parks

The Imboden Family at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

“The Outer Banks national parks matter to us because of what they have meant to our family for generations. They give us a sense of place that strings together remembrances and people across the years, and brings to mind memories and connections that we never want to forget.

Being able to stand with your children and take in the same view that you, your parents and their parents shared before you is special — and in a rapidly changing world, it is increasingly rare. We want to play a part in helping to safeguard that possibility into the future.

And apart from all of that, it’s just plain fun to walk the trails, explore the lighthouses, ride the ferries, fly a kite, comb the beach, and daydream about the history of these places!

~ Matt & Lauren Imboden, Forever Founders

Will you support your parks today?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: we couldn’t do what we do without you!

Because of your generous support, your OBX national parks are able to continue telling the stories of the people who have shaped our local community, our state, our nation and our world.

We invite you to join us this Giving Tuesday. By supporting your OBX national parks, you are not only ensuring they remain for many years to come, but you are also helping to strengthen our community, making it a better place to visit, live, work and play, every day.

“Since our first adventure over 35 years ago along NC Route 12 from Ocracoke to Corolla, we always eagerly anticipate our next trip to the Outer Banks!

Because we love history, because we are inspired by stories of visionary and heroic acts and because we understand the importance of healthy coastal ecosystems, the Outer Banks has provided us with so many opportunities for reading and learning, not to mention opportunities to walk for miles on pristine beaches and photograph once-in-a-lifetime sunsets.

“Through these and countless other experiences, we came to understand more fully the importance of the legacy of this magnificent, fragile ribbon of land and the obligation we have to be good stewards and protectors of it and the surrounding marine and estuarine habitats.

~ Dr. and Mrs. Paul N. Orser, Wilmington, NC