Over the next few weeks we are excited to share a deeper dive into our recently announced projects! These projects are only possible with your support. Check out the full list of projects and how you can make them happen here. Today’s post was written by Maeve Coughlin, Community Volunteer Ambassador for your OBX national parks! 

Pottery inspired by the ocean by local OBX artist, Tricia Cutler.

Outer Banks Forever and your OBX national parks are excited to bring a new program that celebrates art and our parks to our community. The Artist-in-Community program will focus on building strong relationships with local artists and their communities to support a new tradition of collaboration and creativity inspired by Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, and Wright Brothers National Memorial.

More than fifty parks across the nation have an Artist-in-Community program, from Denali to Shenandoah to the Everglades. These programs provide unique opportunities by inviting artists to the parks to be inspired and create works of art in these amazing places. Artists are encouraged to draw inspiration from the history, culture, and landscapes in the parks and often engage with the public to share their art and offer new perspectives. Artist-in-Community programs have shown to increase visitation, bring diverse audiences to parks, and create new opportunities for educational programs and activities that also engage the local community.

This inaugural year, the Artist-in-Community program will invite local artists to the parks to create art, drawing inspiration from the land around them. Artists will collaborate with park staff to present programs for the public, such as talks, art lessons, and demonstrations. Visitors will have the chance to interact with the artists to talk about the artistic process and what the parks mean to them. In the future, the park plans to expand the program to also include opportunities to host visiting artists from around the country.

This program will offer great opportunities to build new and long-lasting connections between local artists, the parks, and the public. By inviting artists to create place- and story-based works, locals and visitors will have new ways to experience the themes and stories of the parks. Stay tuned for more information about the new Artist-in-Community program and special events later this fall.


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