Are you wishing you could fly to the Outer Banks this summer? With new virtual engagement opportunities from Wright Brothers National Memorial, you can – from wherever you are!

Wright Brothers National Memorial App

Developed by the National Park Service, the Wright Brothers National Memorial app allows you to explore the park from anywhere in the world!

  • Explore and take virtual tours: An official National Park Service map allows you to see the full layout of the grounds and highlights important sites within the park, such as the First Flight Boulder and the First Flight Monument. Audio-narration gives you the ability to tour the park at your own pace, whether you are on the grounds or inside your house.
  • Track your visit: If you decide to come walk around the park, the GPS tracker on the map lets you know exactly where you are! (Be sure to check here for updates on open/closed facilities)
  • Send a postcard to friends and family: The postcard feature allows you to instantly send a National Park Service digital postcard to your loved ones.
  • Keep up with park happenings: the “Special Events and Programs” feature provides you with current information on programs and activities at the park!

You can download the app for free via the Apple App Store and Google Play:

Apple App Store: NPS Wright Brothers (downloadable to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, iOS 9.0 or later).

Google Play: NPS Wright Brothers (downloadable to Android devices, 4.4. and up).

This app is accessible to all users with audio-described sites, alternative text for images, compatibility with iOS accessibility features and information on accessibility for facilities and some trails within the park.

Wright Brothers National Memorial Video Series

Lead Ranger Ashley Dickerson and Ranger Aimee LAST NAME have teamed up to create a video series to tell the story of two ingenious brothers from Dayton, Ohio, Orville and Wilbur Wright, and to explain their famous Wright Flyer worked.

Wing Warping Demonstration

Ranger Ashley discusses the Wright Brothers’ innovative control system for their flyers, specifically wing warping, which was one of their most important inventions and contributions to flight. (This is a fun, interactive video so be prepared to participate!)

What’s Happening In the “First Flight” Photo?

Ranger Aimee shares the story behind the iconic December 17, 1903 photograph that captured Orville Wright’s first successful heavier-than-air powered flight.

Engine Talk

Ranger Ashley describes the creation and function of the engine that powered the propellers of the Wright Flyer.

Pitch Control

Ranger Ashley shows how Orville and Wilbur Wright controlled the pitch of the Wright Flyer.

You can also explore a 3D model of the Wright Flyer, courtesy of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum! 


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