The holiday season is here and you’ve probably been hearing about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but have you heard about Giving Tuesday? If you’re not familiar, Giving Tuesday is an online day of giving celebrated each year around the world after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Think of it as the “do good” cousin to your favorite shopping days 🙂 

Since we launched in April 2019, we have been so grateful for the support of more than 120 individuals, businesses, and foundations who have donated to protect and enhance your OBX national parks. If you are one of those donors, we can’t thank you enough for helping our organization take flight! If you’ve been following along with our journey, but haven’t given a gift yet you might be thinking, “how will my donation help my parks?”

One community. Three national parks. A lifetime of memories.

When you picture the Outer Banks, you picture warm sandy beaches, timeless family traditions, and laughter with good friends. A trip to the Outer Banks is a yearly experience for millions of visitors who’ve made generations worth of memories here 

But the Outer Banks is more than just beaches, it is also home to a history of firsts. The first National Seashore, the first English colony, and the first heavier-than-air powered flight are all part of the fabric of this area. 

Lucky for us, the Outer Banks are home to three national parks – each set aside to tell the story of our shared natural, historic and cultural legacy. Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Wright Brothers National Memorial, and Fort Raleigh National Historic Site protect unique environmental features and a rich history that illustrates centuries of determination and innovation. 


Your Parks, Your Impact 

Today you can make an impact in these amazing parks that have become part of your families’ traditions. Your gift this Giving Tuesday will: 

  • Educate and inspire our next generation – National parks are living laboratories that inspire through hands-on learning. Your gift today can provide funding to increase the number of children who participate in education programs and expand the learning opportunities the parks can offer.
  • Create new ways to experience your OBX national parks – National parks were created for exploration, inspiration, and relaxation. Your gift today can make it possible for you, your family, and friends to experience the parks in new ways – from expanding biking and hiking trails, to new wildlife viewing areas and increasing amenities in your parks.
  • Advance our understanding of your parks through science – Understanding our parks helps us understand our world. Your gift today can fund research in areas like nighttime sea turtle activity, evaluation of beach erosion and changing vegetation, and new archaeological finds.
  • Preserve our local and national history – Your Outer Banks national parks provide unique historical and cultural insights into aviation, maritime and early colonial life, and African American history. Your gift today can strengthen these stories and share them with new audiences. 

Your parks need you – Celebrate Giving Tuesday with us and consider a one-time or monthly gift today to protect the place you love!