Back in the summer of 1993 when my family headed to Nags Head for a week, I didn’t know this amazing place would one day be our home. The group was my husband, 5-year-old son, one-month-old daughter, parents, and six younger siblings who traveled from California, Florida, and Virginia. The age range was 1 month to 65 years, so we were on the lookout for places to visit and things to do that everyone would enjoy.

Our top three choices were visiting the Wright Brothers Memorial, touring Fort Raleigh, and then attending a performance of the Lost Colony. Very different activities that allowed our large group to have fun while learning about this special area. I’ll never forget the memories we made back then visiting our OBX national parks.

When I heard that Outer Banks Forever was forming, I was excited to learn that in my backyard I could experience and support the intersection of my loves of history and nature. I have visited at least one national park, historic site, historic landmark, or historic trail in 49 states and two U.S. territories. (See photo above from Yellowstone National Park!)

The more visible supporters a national park has, the better chance it will thrive. Outer Banks Forever has put OBX on the map when it comes to regular people like me being able to support our area’s national parks. The most immediate way I could make an impact to protect and preserve our OBX national parks was to become a Forever Founder. 

I believe that we can better understand where we are going when we appreciate where we have been. Our OBX national parks tell the story of our local history (that has global impact – hello aviation!), while also protecting our natural resources. They allow residents to live in this beautiful, history-filled spot while attracting to the area visitors who keep our local economic engine running. I am proud to be a Forever Founder and look forward to seeing the impact my investment will make to protect and enhance these amazing parks. 

Forever Founders are people just like you who want to invest in protecting and enhancing our OBX national parks.

You can become a Forever Founder and receive special lifetime benefits by giving a gift today of $1,000 or more as a one time gift, or a monthly gift of $85/month for the next year. Click here to learn more.