Your OBX national parks aim to inspire and educate our next generation – whether they are in the parks or in the classroom. Now that school is back in session, there are a variety of resources available to teachers and parents who want to carry summer vacation experiences into learning opportunities in the classroom or at home. 

Students of all ages can learn math, science, history and the arts using themes (and memes!) from your OBX national parks. Each of your parks has a unique story to tell and ways it can be explored. Dive into each parks’ resources, including curriculum and field trip information below! Also, if you’ve got a 4th grader in your family, be sure to check out the Every Kid Outdoors (formerly Every Kid in a Park) website to get your family’s free year pass to any national park in the country.

Parks as Classrooms:

Want to inspire the next generation by making education from your parks more accessible? Donate today and help expand park programs like these to reach more students next year.